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Is there any leakage issue on your ceiling?

ceiling pressure grouting service provider in hyderabad marboker
We can understand your situation, It becomes even more frustrating when you get the work done and again you face the same leakage problem. It generally happens because of these three reasons. Marboker provides you the best ceiling pressure pressure grouting in Hyderabad.
  1. Internal pipe leakage
  2. Damaged roof tile grouting
  3. Internal damage of Ceiling
Pressure ceiling grouting is done in the case where there is internal damage of ceiling. Because of bad quality of cements used in construction , variety of cavity forms inside the ceiling when it is exposed to high temperature or very less temperature. I will suggest you to hire professional ceiling grouting expert to get rid of this problem permanently.

Get permanent solution for ceiling leakage problem

If you are facing any type of leakage or seepage in your home, Then visit www.marboker.com and fill the book now form with all the required information, Our Professional Ceiling grouting Expert will soon visit your place to guide with all the needed information to solve your issue permanently. Pressure Ceiling Grouting is done for filling the cavity formed inside the solid portion of concrete. Firstly Cavity opening is widen and cleaned properly by air pressure. Once the mouth is ready, mixture of gray cement and epoxy resin is pumped in the cavity to close it properly. After drying mixture becomes hard gets unified with the concrete structure of building.. If you are all ready to get the permanent solution for ceiling leakage then contact us. We are leading waterproofing and ceiling pressure grouting service provider in


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