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If the metal surface is not taken care of properly a layer of rust is formed due to oxidation called corrosion. we are here to help you marboker technologies is a Professional Metal Painting service provider in Hyderabad

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  • If the metal surface is not taken care of properly a layer of rust is formed due to oxidation called corrosion. It slowly eats up the metal and makes it weaker and gives an unpleasant look to the surface of the metal. Metal painting is the best way to protect it from Corrosion for the long life of the metals. Metal paints come in oil-based and water-based versions. Oil paint is a little difficult to apply but gives a longer life to the metal surface whereas water-based acrylic paint is used for giving fine finishing using a spray gun.
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Procedure for Painting the Metal Surface

  1. Proper cleaning of impurities and rust on the surface by sanding paper.
  2. Damage repair using acrylic or metal putty.
  3. Application of metal primer throughot the surface.
  4. Application of metal paint using roller-Brush or spray Gun.
  5. Leaving the surface untouched for at least 24 hours.

Advantages of Metal Painting

  1. Metal painting increases the life of the metal piece.
  2. Provides protection against damages and discolouration caused by UV rays.
  3. It gives very smooth finish to metal pieces.
  4. Metal Painting enhances the appearance of metal surface.
  5. After application of metal paint, it becomes very easy to clean the surface.

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